Top 5 PTV dramas 2022

PTV National is a Pakistani Channel of regional language and has been the source of providing Entertainment information and news in all provinces of Pakistan in their respective language.

The program mix is in all major languages of Pakistan like Sindhi Punjabi Pashto Saraiki Balochi Hindko Bralvi with a breakup of two hours for each province which was repeated twice in the 24 hours transmission.

In 2005 after the launch of PTV Bolan on 14th August a channel dedicated to the regional language of Balochistan, Ptv Nationals was sketched and since then PTV nationals programming is equally divided into slots namely.


National as a Channel which came in to being Ty o promote the following

  • Highlighting the cultural language
  • Develop Integration among the province of Pakistan
  • To develop social-economic well being

Top 5 dramas PTV aired in 2022

  • Abdul Hamid II
  • Alif Noon
  • Dushman
  • Ahsan e Muhabbat
  • Tamil

1:Abdul Hamid

ThTheseramas were on aired PTV home projects. This drama was first released in Turkey and then in Urdu dubbing, this story is Abdul Hamid II was the sultan of the Ottoman Empire from 31 August 1876 to 27 April  1909, and the last Sultan to exert effective control Over the fracturing State. The period w that reigned In the Ottoman Empire is known as the Hamidian Era.

Times changed and finally on August 31 1 876, Prince Abdullhamid ascended the Ottoman throne with the title Sultan Abdullhamid II.

The cash he had earned from trade when he was a prince and the experience he had gained was significant.

He was a smart wise Sultan with political genius, BDUL HAMID DIES 9 years A captive former Sultan of Turkey is Said to Have Succumbed to inflammation of the tungs

Cruel and craft Deposit Juggled Diplomatic More than Then Quarter of Century with Great Power of Europe.

The house of Osman began to stop marriage to foreign princesses during the mid-15th century when the empire began to centralize.

As the Sultan relied less on vassals there was less of a need for dynastic marriage.

The last Ottoman marriage alliance was between the prince and governor bayezid.

Early Life Abdul Hamid

Ibrahim was born on 5 November 1615 the son of Sultan Ahmed and his favorite concubine who later became his legal wife Kusum, Sultan.

  • When Ibrahim was 2 his father suddenly died and Ibrahim’s uncles.
  • Mustafa, I became the new Sultan.
  • By that time Kosme SULTAN and her children

Including young Ibrahim, who had been sent to the Old Palace. After the succession of his brother Murad IV Ibrahim was confined in the Kafes which affected his health Ibrahianotanotherher brother Sehzada Beyezid Shahzada Suliman was executed by the order of Sultan Murad IV and because of that Ibrahim, feared that he was next in the lifeline.

However, after his brother died   Ibrahim became the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire.


Dushman is a Ptv project this drama will bh show family issues in society.   It’s Adventurers the action-packed story revolving around two landlord families who are indulged in rivalries.

  • Credits
  • Writers of, Ali more
  • Director:Abdullah Badani
  • Producer:Zeeshan Ahmed
  • Executive Producer:Tamoor Tariq
  • Produced by:Mont Blanc Entertainment
  • Cast&Characters,

Naila Jaffri late as Durri AKA Amma Waddi

Fell in love with Dada Sain, a boy from Malik Garh in her youth, and phrases give birth to falling in love with the enemy.

Sanam Ansari

As Mai Lalli One of the female landlords of Rajkot Ruthless and Merciless. Enemies with the people of Malik Garh.

Nadia Afgan

As Malkani

The landlady of Malik Garh is also very ruthless. A heart of stone.Enemies with the people of Rajkot.

Alif Noon

In a short video, Shahzad Rai confirmed that works on Alif Noon are underway and that it will officially start shooting this start of the  year

And will be released by the middle of next year.

Shahzad rai said that in Alif Noon not only the characters of the popular drama of the past will be seen in a modern age way.

It is possible that Faisal Qureshi will also appear with him in the film and will also direct the same film while a new actress is likely to be  cast with him

It will be noted that the drama Alif Noon aired on PTV was released in 1999 and it’s was very popular

There were only a few characters in the play who talked lightly about the new issues in each episode.

According to the theme of the play, Alif Noon was used to expose disgusting businessmen who used new tricks to hoard for business and rob the poor.

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