Top 5 Pakistani Hum TV Dramas in 2022

1:Saang e Mah

  • Release Date 9_jan_2022
  • Starring:Hania Amir Kubra khan Namun Ijaz, Tamiya Mumtaz, Sania Saeed
  • Writer, Mustafa Afridi
  • Director:Saif Hasan
  • Producer of:Monina Duraid

Sang e may

‘Gagh’ is a Pashto word that translates to an alien or proclamation even though illegal is an ongoing Kabuli Pathan racism through which marriage is enforced by firing girls home.

Sang e mah revolves around the concept of high and more. This drama is too good to cast Nauman Ejaz Sania Saeed’s legendary character Atif is a singer but he is a too good dan an r. The story is forgettable and unique to Pashtun cultures and traditions.


  1. Release date 24_jan_2022
  2. Starring: Ali Safina Syed Azra Ahmed Syed Jibran Zarnish Khan
  3. Writer: Maimoona Aziz
  4. Director: Nadeem Siddiqui
  5. Producer: Maimoona Duraid


In the story of the drama, when a young doctor goes through an incident, her loving husband changes his behavior becoming apathetic towards his wife. That fact however does not stop her to stand for justice.

Below is the episode _wise story of the drama ‘Atibaar’. First, let’s look at the character played by the cast.

This story is about a misunderstanding between newlywed couple Ahmed and shama who of course love each other but unfortunately, they believe what they say to the people of this couple.

Watch be aitbaar drama all episodes in high-Density HD video streams online Drama be atibaar is telecasted by hum TV Pakistani TV channels on air.


  1. Release date7 _feb_2022
  2. Winter: Maimoona Aziz
  3. Director: Mehmood Elahi Rahel Ahmed
  4. Producers:Kamran Akbar khan


The main cast of the drama serial begadar includes Hammad Farooqi, Anam Fayyaz, and Hassan Ahmed, with an excellent cast Half aze Nawab Mayam Tiwana.

Beqadar Hum TV drama _Beqadar cast and crew beqadar story and its release date and timing. The main cast of this drama includes Anam Fayyaz, Hassan Ahmed Fariyal Hassan Zalay Sarhady, Mayam Tiwana, Hammad Farooqi, Huma Nawab, and others.

Beqadar is a new drama on Hum TV.

The drama story revolves around a girl Mahrukh who faces the complexities of blood relations. Throughout the storyqadardar portrays family relations and how our egos harm the next generation. Timing daily 7 pm (pst)

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A tale revolving around the ongoing predictions of federalism and Muskan, a girl like many that suffer at the hand of it.

Watch Muskan tackle a series of serial tribulations simply due to gender and rises above.

  • Writer: Hina Huma Nafees
  • Director: Misbah Khalid
  • Producers:Momaal entertainment


Adeel Chaudhry, Areej Mohyuddin, Arez Ahmed, Manzoor Qureshi Samia Qureshi Rima Khan Maryam Tiwana, Adnan villainy Babar Ali.

A look at the people who are willing to give away their children for adoption in exchange for a good amount of money. On the other hand, some people want to make such kids a part of their lives.

5:Badshah Begum

A powerful man named Shah Alam has two sets of children from his two wives, who are currently deceased. The two camps do not get along and get into a feud that threatens to change and ruin lives.

Badshah Begum is a Pakistani television drama series produced by Rafay Rashdi and Momina Duraid under the banners of Fafay Rashdi productions and MD.

Production, written by Saji Jul and directed by Khazar Idrees. It features Zara Noor Abbas Farhan Saeed Ali Rehman Khan Yasir Hussain Shahzad Nawaz Komal Meer and saman Ansari in prominent roles. The series first aired on Hum TV In March 2022.


The drama is set in a fictional State of peers and our

Under the rule of per shah Alam who has five children from two wives, Sahazab Murad Jahan Ara Roshan Ara and Shahmir.

When undesired circumstances force his city-born and raised children Jahan ara Roshan Ara and Shahmir to their hometown they find themselves tangled in powerplay and politics that they never wished to be a part of. What

Follows an epic tale of dynastic politics and sibling rivalry and anarchy.


Shahzad Nawaz as per Shah Alam shah incumbent head of Piran pura.Pir Shah Alam has five children, from two wives, Shahzab Murad Jahan Ara Roshan Ara, and Shamir.A powerful man Named shah Alam has two sets of children.

Sanam Ansari

As Hakim Bi sister of Pir Alam Shah. She is the caretaker of the Badshah begum throne. Until a successor is named. She, however, is manipulative and wants the title of Badshah begun for herself, The aunt of Japan ara Roshan ara per shahzaib pir shah meer and pir Murad.

The first thing I did was be a good idea to have a

Zara Noor Abbas

As Jahan Ara Shah Alam daughter of pir shah Alam and sisters of Roshan Ara & pir Shahmir and half-sister to pir shahzaib and pir Murad. The new Badshah Begum and love interest of Bakhtiar.

Farhan Saeed

As per Shahzaib Shah Alam pir Shah Alam’s Son and heir to the Piran our throne and brother, of lie Murad and half brother of Jahan Ara Roshan Ara and pir Shahmir.

Ali Rehman Khan

As bakhtiyar friends of Roshan Ara.


Minutes before its launch the serial trended at number one on Twitter along with Zara Noor Abbas Farhan Saeed and Yasir Hussain as well. The first episode achieved decent ratings of 5.8TRP and mixed responses from the audience and social media users. However, critics lauded the direction and performance of the initial episode.

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