Top 5 high-paying schools in Karachi

Here are the top 5 schools in Karachi high paying list are mentioned below,

1:Mama Parsi school

This school is selectively for girls and was founded in 1819, by Jamshed Mehta.  As it is among the earlier schools in Karachi, this school has devoted a lot of time, effort, and resources to its reputation.   This school was established for the Parsi community but later it also allows Muslim students to get admission.

This school has arranged special education for children, And now the students of any religion are studying there. The school  two shifts of classes, morning and afternoon. It covers four sections, Primary, secondary, Cambridge, and follows the Cambridge system of education.

Admission Procedure

To be eligible for Mama Parsi School admission, the candidate must have to clear the entrance exam. Then she will be shortlisted for an interview.

2:Beacon house school

Beacon house school system was established in 19   75, It expanded its network of schools nationally as well as internationally. Other than curriculum courses,

It also offers to learn International languages such as French, German, Spanish, Arabic, etc. It also offers exchange programs with several countries.

Their focus is not only on educational activities but also makes their students a part of extracurricular activities.  In Karachi, BSS is among the most reliable schools that provide high-quality education. They urge students to polish and improve their talents.

It is not only a school continuously learning Institute. They have highly qualified and well-experienced staff and faculty which makes the school more valuable,

Students, who study there, are more viable to get admission to foreign institutes.

Admission Procedure

For details about the admission procedure, visit the official website of the. Beacon house school system here.

Fee structure

  • Admission      Registration.        Security
  •  Fee.                 Fee.                      Fee
  • Rs 20,000.       Rs 800.                Rs 20,000

3:Bay View High School

This school was created in 1994, by Ms.Shaikh and Mr.Jamall within a short amount of time, the school has positioned itself as one of Karachi’s most prestigious schools, Bay View High School is one of the private and independent, also co_eductional

Day students will get excellent academic opportunities. According to the school mission statement. Bay View High School follows the British educational system, including GCE 0 level and A levels. Its rare academic system is based on the curriculum of the UK.

Students are encouraged to participate in sports, such as cricket, table tennis, basketball, football, and throwing balls at the Academy. It has five campuses covering junior, middle, and 0 levels and provides education to more than a thousand students per year.

Admission Procedure

For admission to Bay View School,  Firstly you have to check whether their admission is open on the website here or not. Its slots are available, and then you have to submit your required documentation along with the admission form.

Bay View School has five campuses in Karachi mentioned down below. Also, apply for admission.

  1. Preschool Campuses in Clifton( Apply here)
  2. KDA campuses (apply here)
  3. Junior campuses Clifton (apply here)
  4. P.E.C.H.S campuses (apply here)
  5. SENior campuses      ( apply here)

Fee structure

The fee structure of any School always depends on the Quality of education that they are providing. As we know all schools increase or decrease their fee structure every year, So here is a detailed Average fee structure of Bay view high school Karachi

Center of advanced studies (CAS)

The or CENTER OF ADVANCED STUDIES is a private school that was started in 1981. But within a very short period, this institute has proved itself and now it stands on the list of top schools in Karachi. The school provides a wide range of online courses including foreign language study tours.

The center of advanced studies provides athletics and internships to name a few and so assists students in expanding their interpersonal skills and network.   It is one of the leading schools and now offers 14 programs from playground to 0 level having more than 1200 students annually and a great number of high school efficient staff.

It has two campuses located in Karachi. To offer students a platform to extend their intellectual talents, the school encourages them to participate in a variety of co-curriculum, and extracurricular activities providing them with a variety of possibilities to grow creatively.

Admission procedure

For admission to the playground, the online form is available on the website or you can get them from their branch.   But for other grades, Admission will be on the availability of slots.

Contact Details

  • Address:205 saba Avenue DHA Phase 8 Zone A
  • Phase 8 Defence House Authority Karachi Karachi City, Sindh 7550, Pakistan.
  • Phone#(92_91)3525_149&0301_821_5771
  •  Email

British overseas School

British Overseas School is one of the oldest best Schools, as it was established in 1958, It was started as a primary school for expatriate families. Its aim is to provide a modern UK national education system in Pakistan.

British Overseas School, offers programs from pre-nursery to A levels /IGCSE. British Overseas School aims to guarantee that students foster confidence, fearlessness, genuineness, and resilience to hold their way of life. The school offers curricular exercises to help certainly and authority characteristics among the students including cricket football badminton science club,  discussing society maths club table tennis, and other indoor-outdoor activities.

Admission Procedure

  • The Admission process of the school is very simple,
  • First of all, you have submitted an application form,

Pre_interview form and demanded documents Download the admission form fill and submit any branch of British Overseas School.

Fee structure

Pre Nursery. Nursery.R, 5y to 11y
Entrance Fee;1580.  1580
Annual Fee;2728. 4354

British Over Seas School fee structure

  • All fees are in GBP sterling and payment is made in PKR Equivalent
  • Annual fees may also be paid in installments.
  • It is School policy not to refund fees under any circumstances.

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