Top 10 upcoming dramas of Pakistan 2022

upcoming dramas of Pakistan 2022

The year 2022  was indeed remarkable for TV and films in Pakistan. So many dramas won the hearts of audiences all over Pakistan in the past year. A lot of new faces have made an appearance on screen in the past few months, Most of these debutantes have done more than one project in a short timeline and received recognition.

While this may all be valid we have stepped in 2022 now. If you are an entertainment lover and like binge-watching quality dramas and films this year will be full of excitement for you. We will be seeing many of our favorite actors in action again, this year with an entirely new TV and film project. We were excited to find out what’s next in the list of the latest Pakistan dramas.

Let’s have a looks

  1. Main Manto Nahi Hoon
  2. Salahuddin Ayubi
  3. Dekh Tamasha e Roshani
  4. Kala Doria
  5. Dara
  6. Mor Moharan
  7. Taqdeer
  8. Ibne Adam
  9. Bikhre Hein Hum
  10. Mere Sitam Gaar

1:Main Manto Nahi Hoon

The much-awaited drama Main Manto Nahi Hoon. Is coming close to its launch. The news of this project has been around for quite a while now. Main Manto Nahi Hoon is a romantic story full of an emotional roller coaster ride.

The cast of projects includes the fan-favorite Humayun Saeed, Maya Ali, and Mehwich Hayat. All of these stars will surprise us with their whole new look and energies set for the project.

Main Manto Nahi hoon is six Sigma Plus projects. As of yet, there is no word about how soon we can watch the drama on our TV screen However, we expect it to happen in the first quarter of 2022.

2:Salahuddin Ayubi

Salahuddin.  Ayub is a mega-series on the list of the latest Pakistani dramas in 2022. The series includes actresses from both Pakistan and Turkey. The mega star-studded series is co-produced by both the countries and many soon come out to our screens.

As per reports, three seasons of the show will be shot in Turkey. The cast from Pakistan includes Ushna shah Farhan Ali Agha, Adan Siddiqui, and Ayesha Omer.

3:Kaala Doriya

This will excite you.

Kaala Doriya is a Family-centered Play that is set to air in 2022. The drama will be an emotional ride with romance and betrayal down the road of the storyline. Samina Akram has penned Down Kaala Doriya and we can expect it to be incredible just like her previous project including Suno chanda and chupke chupke.

The cast of this saw a very unique on-screen pairing for the first time. The drama involves Farhan Saeed And Sana Javeed in the leading role. We hope you loved knowing about the latest Pakistani drama 2022 is set to come out soon this year. For more drama Updates stay tuned.


Dear drama serial tear will bh soon coming in Geo TV. This drama Starring Syed Jabarran Ali moral Sheikh and Ammar Kanwal are cast.


In this drama darshan and alongside Alize Shah plays the lead role. This drama is winning the hearts of people because a couple of Sami khans And Alize shah look beautiful.

6:Ibne Adam

Drama serial Dil e Momin is the most famous drama of facial Qureshi so Ibne Adam is a special cast of Mohsin khan this drama will be showing in Geo TV.

7:Mor MuHaran

This is the unique story and different drama of 2022. This story is about dessert and their side story.

8:Bikhre Hain Hum

Drama serial Qismt is a famous drama of Hira Mani Then Bikhre Hein Hum drama of hira mani is a good cast drama, This drama is Hum Tv production.

 9:Mere Sitam Gaar

This drama teaser will soon be shown On Hum TV. This Drama stars Saima Khan Kinza Hashmi alongside Faisal Qureshi and Zain Ali included.

10:Dekh Tamasha E Roshani

This drama is a Jeo Tv production and will air soon in 2022 on the TV channel. A lot of years are set on the launch of Dekh Tamasha e Roshani owing to its unique and fan-favorite cast. We will be seeing our all-time favorite sanKhan alongside Hiba Bukhari and Shahzad Sheikh Additional cast members on the list include Farhan Ali Agha.

Moomal Khalid and Mujtaba Khalid in the key roles. As of yet, there is no insight into the storyline of this drama. While this may be true we are desperately waiting for the plot details and launch. Dekh Tamasha

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