Top 10 Pakistani singers in 2022

The Pakistani film industry is huge and there are talented people for singing. Most singers are Good gifted voices and famous all over the world, so here we discussed some of the most famous singers in the Pakistani industry. They are famous all over the world.

List are here blow

  • Atif Aslam
  • Nusrat Fateh Ali khan
  • Ali Zafar
  • Farhan Saeed
  • Rahat Fateh Ali Khan
  • Falak Shabir
  • Bilal Saeed
  • Ali Azmat
  • Abida Parveen
  • Curtain Baloch

1_Atif Aslam

Atif Aslam is amazing. He has sung so much for Bollywood that even when his voice is heard in the Pakistani industry it gives me flashbacks of him singing for Bollywood films.

It’s a real shame about the attitude of Indian celebrities and Indians who are being harsh about the ban on Pakistani artists in India when they have Atif’s voice on a heck load of songs (also Rahat Fateh Ali ). It’s harsh. But no one can forget Aadat and who lamhe there are pure gems of Pakistani music. Hope to see more of Atif in Lollywood.

Atif Aslam’s voice is so unique. It had a natural Singer, his voice was so unique it had a natural flow of lyrics which had the emotions attached to inner souls that what I have from his songs which is truly sensational, and the rhythm of love and emotions.

Atif not coming from a musical background and without acquiring musical training is ruling many hearts. His voice is sharp and touching.

2_Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan was a Pakistani vocalist primarily a singer of Qawwali the devotional music of the Sufis. Widely considered one of the greatest voices ever recorded, he possessed an extraordinary range of vocal abilities and could perform at a high level of intensity for several hours.

All over the world, one singer can achieve the voice or sing the songs like a respected person in the world who has to listen to the songs of Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan & appreciate his voice at the time also.

Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan is still one world’s most respected and Revered singers. No one surpasses the glory and fame he received and continues to receive years after his death…Interesting to see that all other names on this list, actually consider NFAK Godfather & Maybe God.

3_Ali Zafar

He is one of the best singers ever produced in the world, he has a magical voice that you listen to on albums or log in and gives the same vibes. He is simply the best of all. He is better than Atif though. The stability in Ali Zafar’s voice is much more than any other singer. Ali Zafar for life.

Ali Zafar is the President of Music. He is a music genre himself that gives serenity,y, joy, and love.

4_Farhan Saeed

Farhan Saeed’s voice is so good. The pain in his voice & his vocals set water to fire. Just love his songs. He should come up with more & more songs. I find it difficult to rank Pakistani singers as male or female, they all have a unique singing voice. But Farhan Saeed is a day one for me his singing voice is so natural. I think Pakistani should be appreciative of their country singers rather than be overly critical because we are blessed with amazing and natural talent.

His voice has pain and deepness and matches right with his expression, he sings right from his heart, not the throat God bless him with a successful career and great achievement in his upcoming future.

He is like the best of all. At first, Atif Aslam was famous but now I think so is Farhan Saeed. And he is not in a jail band anymore.

5_Rahat Fatah Ali Khan

Best Singer Ever heard! He is best in all aspects he sings V smoothly & with full deduction….that the best part as other singers take singing for granted…No words for him…..I just can’t describe him he is the best.

Sufi, Pop, Rock, Classic Duets, whatever the song type is…He is king in all aspects and the pride of Pakistan.

Best vocals ever. Rahat Sahab is way ahead of other Atif has a different voice but Rahat Sahab has the best melody.

6_Falak Shabir

Falak’s voice is very beautiful and his Lyrics resonate in the heart. This is the glory of Pakistan. I love Falak Shabir. May Allah guide you in this way.

His voice and the sound of his music are really good. The video he portrays the song is excellent, he is cool, talented, and interesting to look at and listen to.

7_Bilal Saeed

Bilal Saeed has aheatouchingngg voice….He is an amazing artist…I also like Amrinder gill….2 number song is also a very beautiful song…

Bilal Saeed is one of the best singers based on Muslims or Hindus because Bilal Saeed bro is A universal singer. He is really over awesome love his lyrics as well as the music best awesome, Pop singer, and electricGod-gift voice he was.

8_Ali Azmat

Best singer of all and overall rocks Deserves to the number one on this list because he really worked for it and got this far. Better voice than Atif Aslam I would say but then again, they share different styles. Atif ain’t in Pakistan and a traitor of our country he shouldn’t be at the top. Ali Azmat Rocks!

Ali Azam is a singer.  He is without any melody. He can make noise, not music. First Pakistanis rockstar and has won International best group band in the world, 1998. Asa li Azam is the one who rocks to Pakistan.

9_ Abid Parveen

Singer of Sindh, Pakistan, and World is she when sing she loses in singing. She is the greatest singer in the world, She is the best singer You can copy every singer’s voice but you can’t copy Abida Parveen.

10_Quratulain Baloch

Quratulain Baloch is a Pakistani vocalist and lyricist. She was conceived on 4 March 1948.

Quratulain Balouch, a thriving Pakistani artist is renowned as “QB” or the Humsafar Girls. She has earned a signal men’s degree in IT fundamentals Multimedia from George Mason University Washington DC. Even though she has had no established preparation and does not have a place with a melodic foundation.

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