Top 10 Pakistan Dramas 2022

Fundamental 10 Pakistan Dramas 2022 Pakistan drama industry The year 2021 was indeed remarkable for TV

And films in Pakistan. So many dramas won the hearts of audiences all over Pakistan in the past year. A lot of new faces have made an appearance on screen in the past few

Months. Most of these debutantes have done more than one project in a short timeline and received recognition. While this may all be valid, we have stepped into 2022 now. If you are entertainment for you. we will be seeing many of ours.

Favorite actors in action this year with entirely new TV and film projects. we were excited to find out what was next on the list of the latest Pakistanis dramas in 2022 so we are let’s have looks

Here the top Pakistani serial is

  1. Main Manto Nah hoon
  2. Jo Bache hein Sang Samat Lo
  3. Qismat
  4. Sang e Mah
  5. Dekh Tamasha e Roshni
  6. Mere Humsafar
  7. Yeh Ishaq Samjh na Aye
  8. Dil Awais
  9. Salahuddin Ayub
  10. Kaala Doriya

1:Main Manto Nahi Hoon

Main manto Nahi hoon is an upcoming Pakistani drama, Manto is a poet of the subcontinent and story writer he is not a fiction writer he writes on the page he sees and feels his heart for the environment, so this Pakistan drama was the life story of Manto

The much-awaited Main Manto Nai hoon

Is coming close to its launch. The news of this project has been around for quite a while now. Main manto Nahi hoon is a romantic story full of an emotional roller coaster ride. The cast of this project includes the fan favorites Humayun Saeed Maya Ali and Mehwish Hayat. All of these stars will surprise us with their whole new look and energies set for the project. Main Manto Nahi Hoon is a Six Sigma Plus Production. As of yet, there is no word about how soon we can watch the drama on our TV screens.

However, we expect it to happen in the first quarter of 2022.

2:Jo Bache hein Sang Samat Lo

This year is loaded with surprises for drama and film enthusiasts. If you have been desperately missing Fawad Khan on screen your prayers might have just been heard

The heartthrob is set to return to the TV screen this year. Let us not forget that we last saw Fawad Khan on screen in a 2013 drama.

Now he is retureturning TV drama Jo Bache hein Sang Samat Lo by Farhat Ishtiaq will mark the return of Fawad khan to the TV screen.

Moreover, it is reported that we may also see Ayesha Omer in the project. However, the character’s info and other details are revealed.


The last year has been fortunate for Hira Mani. She has appeared In Several TV projects and remained the center of attention in the showbiz industry. Her popularity has made it almost certain to expert her in the upcoming drama Qismat project. This year Hira Mani is set to appear alongside the talented Noor Hassan and none other than Muneeb butt in Qismt. It is essential to mention that the Qismat BTS pictures and insight can how to be seen On social media.

This also means that we are not very far from Qimat airing on our TV screen.

4:Sang e Mah

Sang e mah start in this year Hum TV drama

The drama is already very popular winning the hearts of the public all over the country. This drama is special for several reasons. One of the key highlights of Sang e Mah is Atif Aslam’s TV debut. Not only that he is also playing the lead role in the project.

This drama also highlights the local culture and practices of the tribal areas in the north of Pakistan.For those who do not know Sang e Mah is a Momina Duraid Production.

If we look at the cast of the drama we can see Hania Amir Kubra Khan Atif Aslam Nouman Ejaz, Omair Rana Samiya Mumtaz, and Sania Saeed.

5:Dekh Tamasha Roshani

This drama is a Geo TV production and will air soon in 2022 on the channel. A lot of eyes are set on the launch of Dekh Tamasha e Roshni owing to its unique and fan-favorite cast. we will be seeing our all-time favorite.

Ahsan Khan alongside Haba Ali and Shahzad Sheikh. Additional cast members on the list include Farhan Ali Agha Moomal Khalid and Mujtaba Khalid in the key roles.

As of yet, there is no insight into the storyline of the drama. While this may be true, we are desperately waiting for the plot details and launch.

6: Mere Humsafar

Another important drama project that we all await is Mere Humsafar. This drama is set to bring you the most wanted on-screen pairing of Farhan Saeed and Hania Aamir in the lead roles. Mere Humsafar will be the first project for two talented stars to work together.

As the name suggests, the drama will be a love story with few interventions down the road. Both Farhan Saeed and Hania are recognized for their witty and sharp character on screen.

7: Ishq samajh Na Aye

On the list of new romantic dramas, Yeh Ishaq samajh na Aye finds its the spitsThe drama is set to release this year with a talented cast on board.

You will be able to see a unique pairing on screen this time with Shahroz Sabzwari and Syeda Tuba Anwar Although not many details about the project have been shared,

Syeda Tuba Anwar mentioned in an interview with dawn regarding her project with Shahroz

She also mentioned that Shahroz is great support.

We will have to wait for further details of the projects.

8:Dil AWaiz

Dil Awaiz’s project is Geo TV set to air in 2022. The drama has been shot in a natural setting somewhere in Sindh.

If we talk about the drama cast, we will also see Kinza Hashmi in the leading role alongside two male characters played by none other than Affan Waheed and Azfar Rehman. The crown for writing the drama goes to Mdiah Shahid whereas Mazhar moin is responsible for directing the series.

9:SalahuDin Ayubi

Salahuddin Ayubi is a mega-series on the list of the latest dramas of Pakistani 2022.

The series includes actors from both side Pakistani and Turkey. The mega star-studded series is co-produced by both countries and may soon come out to our screens. As per reports. Three seasons will be shot in Turkey. The cast from Pakistan includes Ushnah shah Farhan Ali Agha, Adnan Siddiqui, and Ayesha Omer.

10:kaala Doriya

This will excite you. Kaala Doriya is a family-centered play that is set to air in 2022.

The drama will be an emotional ride with romance and betrayal down the road of the storyline.

Samia Akram has penned down Kaala Doriya and we can expect it to be incredible just like her previous projects including Suno Chanda and Chupke Chupke.

The cast of this drama is the major highlight.

We will be seeing a very unique on-screen pairing for the first time. The drama involves Farhan Saeed and Sana Javed in the leading role.

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