We whittled the list down to the 10 very best,

Google play pass has finally launched in the US, giving access to a slew of apps and games for a low monthly price. But with more than 350 titles on offer, it can be hard to separate the wheat from the chaff. To help we put together a list of the 10 best play games currently available.

Just with the titles below you are looking at more than $70 worth of the best mobile games around for $5 a month per (or $2 a month for the first year ). If you are worried about recurring subscriptions, you can pay for the service with your Google play balance. Just pick up a $25prepaid card to take advantage of a full year of service and forget about ever being charged again.

BEST Google Play Pass Game

  1. Stardew Valley
  2. Mini Metro
  3. Sorcery!1_4
  4. Monument Valley 1&2
  5. Regina: Game of Thrones
  6. Limbo
  7. Agent A: A Puzzle in Disguise
  8. This is the Police
  9. Lumino city
  10. Terraria


Stardew Valley originally came out on Steam in 2016 and has since made its way to just about every platform under the sun. Thankfully the touchscreen controls are excellent and it supports Bluetooth controllers.

As well.

Our verdict: Stardew Valley reviews Breath of fresh air for Android farming games.

If you somehow haven’t already played it, it’s an incredible-endednded farming simulator/RPG. Your character inherits a frame from his/her grandfather, and it is up to you to turn it into a money-making machine or just a beautiful garden for you and your spouse. You can even grab a sword and slingshot and head into a cave to take down baddies and my valuable minerals.

There is just so much to do in Stardew Valley and if you enjoy Harvest Moon or similar titles you can easily sink hundreds of hours into it (like I have on several platforms).


Not everyone wants a deep gameplay experience on the go, and Mini Metro is the perfect way to get your gaming fix in a rush. It is a minimalist strategy game where you need to connect subway stops in an expanding City. If too many passengers are delayed It is game over.

Inspired by the iconic London Underground tube maps, Mini metro won several awards for its audio

Visual and game design when it debuted in 2016. The game has since been ported to other platforms and a sequel was just released for Apple.


Sorcery! Is a series of stellar graphic Advantage games based on Steve Jackson’s choose your advantage novels of the same name. When the first game was released back in 2013, it was an early testament to the power and versatility of short story _telling games on mobile platforms.

The games are beautiful and engaging but drew criticism for their story length.

Thankfully all four sorcery! titles are included with Google play pass so you can get the full advantage for a fraction of the price. The full series would normally cost you.

4:Monument Valley

         Monument Valley is another fantastic but short Mobile series, making it the perfect choice for play pass. The award-winning original and its equally superb sequel are mind-bending puzzle games where you have to manipulate the scenery in physical_defying ways to make it to the next screen.

The family friend advantage is widely lauded as some of the best mobile games of all time and now you can grab them both with Google Play Pass.


     Next on our list of the best games on Google play pass is another series of Mobile games. Reigns trades in fancy graphics for solid gameplay and replayability, which made it a breakout hit in 2016. You are charged with keeping the three Powers of your kingdom in balance and the only gameplay mechanic decision.

It sounds simple, but it’s surprisingly difficult.

The most recent game in the series is based on Game of Thrones, but the entire series (a$9 value )is available on play pass.


Limo is yet another console-quality game to make it to our list of the best play-pass games. It’s a 2.5D side-scrolling puzzle game where you play as a young boy trying to find his sister in a treacherous forest.

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Sure, there are thousands of side-scrolling puzzle games out there, but this one is made truly unique thanks to its chiarosuro_style

Visuals. This incredible aesthetic paired with gruesome death sequences gives Limbo an eerie atmosphere that has not been matched by other mobile games since.


Agent A: A Puzzle in Disguise provides a more traditional take on point-and-click adventure games. You play as a secret agent tasked with infiltrating an enemy spy hideout, and you’ll need to solve puzzles and interact

With the environment to unlock the game’s full secrets.

What makes this one of the best games on play pass is not necessarily the gameplay (which is good), it is the style. The game uses a retro cartoon style complete with furniture and accessories straight from the era.


This simulation /management game will make you feel even worse about the police than you already do. You play the role of police chief Jack Boyd (voiced by Jon at.John the voice of duke Nuke )and your goal is to make $500,000 before retiring in 180 days.

  • How do you make that money?
  • Completely up to you.

The game is truly immersive and the decisions you make affect the storyline. A sequel was released in 2019 but It is not included in the play pass yet. Hopefully

We can add it to the list soon!


Lumino city is the second family-friendly title to make our list of the best Play pass games.

This award_winning puzzle game polls you down into an incredible hand_crafted town to rescue your grandfather.

And when I say hand_crafted I mean that the creators built the miniaturized City out of paper and motors, then filmed the scenes for the game. This one is an absolute must-play, and it clocks in at a very generous 8_10 hours of gameplay.


Although the mobile version is well behind the PC version when it comes to updates, the level of replayability in Terraria earns it a spot on our list of the best games on play pass. It’s essentially a 2D side-scrolling Minecraft

With tons of areas to explore and hundreds of weapons to collect.

As of 2019 online multiplayer also works on mobile, so you can play with up to eight people. Controls have been optimized for touchscreen, but the game also works with Bluetooth controllers if you’re looking for a bit more precision.

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