Top 10 best waterproof phones in 2022

Spills, splashes, or full_on dunking. The best waterproof Phones will survive and be worth having too.

The best waterproof phones don’t necessarily distinguish themselves in items of appearance, but will survive an excursion underwater without failure.No longer is it essential to compromise on handset appearance if you planning on taking your phone to the beach, pool, or out in stormy weather (although nearly all phones can be waterproof with suitable underwater housing.

The latest flagship phones from Apple and Samsung are both Waterproof, so (Since we Slightly preferred the iPhone 13 Pro Max )it will appear at the top of this list.

The Key measure of waterproofing you’ll see on most phones is the ingress protection standards IP67or IP 68. The 7 for water means immersion up to 1 meter (3.3ft) for up to 30 minutes, while 8 is the immersion of Over a meter with a requirement for a stated depth.

In other words, the IP68 can handle water pressure up to a point IP 67 can have a brief excursion in Shallow water and head the other way on the scale_IP66 can cope with a spray of water but no depth.

Waterproof is theoretically distinct from water-resistant as the former will never be damaged by Subversion.

List here the top 10 waterproof Phones in 2022

  1. iPhone 11Pro (&11 pro-MAx still great)
  2. iPhone 12 (&12 Mini, 12 Pro Max)
  3. iPhone 13 mini  Pro Max _BestOverall)
  4. Ulefone Armor 8 Pro
  5. iPhone SE (2020)
  6. Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra
  7. Apple iPhone 12
  8. Nokia XR20 Rugged Smartphone
  9. Google Pixel 6 Pro
  10. iPhone 13 Pro Max

1_IPhone 11 Pro


  • Good software support
  • Solid battery life
  • Great camera


  • No 5G
  • Aging hardware

While not quite as submersible as its 2020 and 2021 successors, the iPhone, 11 proline lands the number three spot on our list thanks to resistance in up to 13 feet for fresh water, for up 30 minutes,

Beyond that, while we’re not fully on board with the 11 pros naming there is no doubt that at launch this was the best iPhone you could opt for and is still a great buy today, especially thanks to Apple’s practically unrivaled long-term software support.

We like the matte finish, which provides more p

Grip than standard glass and helps negate fingerprints. The OLED screen is stunning, especially with iOS Dark Mode. The camera is excellent, the performance is slick and battery life is better than any previous iPhone generation.

2_iPhone 12,iPhone 12Mini iPhone 12 pro

The iPhone phone 12 mini and iPhone pro max all took Apple’s already excellent water resistance to new heights by upping their rated protection to withdraw up to six meters.

(Approximately 19.7 feet) of freshwater, for up to 30 minutes.

The standard iPhone 12 is our preferred pick of the range as it is not only a nice jump up from the iPhone 11 but also doesn’t lose out on all that much compared to the pricier iPhone, 12 pros

3_iPhone 13 mini 13  13 pro max


  • Brilliant, display
  • Superb camera
  • Top _tier performance
  • Improved battery life


  • Cinematography
  • Algorithms need work
  • Pricey

Best prices Today $999.00 amazon

You might notice that Apple holds the top spots on the list but we promise this is not a case of brand favoritism, while the Android phone’s future down all adheres to ip68 certification, Apple has gone above and beyond with the iPhone 13 12, and 11 Ranges.

4_Ulefone Armor 8 pro

Cheap rugged Phone

Waterproofing and rruggedizinggo hand in hand and the Armor 8 pro is a butch piece of kit compliant with military standards as well as meeting the IP 68 dust and water,

Resistance standard T is achieved without sacrificing a micro SD slot, for those who appreciate them, and the case design protruding edges should be effective in preventing the scratch-resistant glass from encountering too many unlucky drops.

Site workers may appreciate the touch screen,

5_iPhone SE (2020)

Apple offers water resistance to less

The iPhone SE 2020 or SE2, is more or less built on the old shell of the iPhone 8 (2017) which looks a little compact these days. That said the design _screen surrounded by speakers and a fingerprint scanner on black cars, is virtually iconic, and the case is Ip67 water resistant .it can old on up to 1 meter for 30 minutes, which is not so different from many non_Apple flagships when their specifications are examined closely many can only sink half a meter future through this arn them the eighth at the end of their IP number.

6_Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

Android flagship with powerful camera

Whilotherser choose phones which make ca compromise on prices and features

Samsung Galaxy 521 Ultra is not about cutting corners (save for the slightly rounded corners required aesthetics and to make the glass little drops.

The Giants PPI pPI screen clocks an almost invisible but very sappy fingerprint screen.

7_Apple iPhone 12

Apple iPhone 12

A year and a tire off the flagship but still waterproof

The iPhone 12 (not 12 pro ) was the mid_tier phone in the Apple range, but shares broadly the same case design as the t2,12 Pro 13, and 13 pros including aP 68 ratings tested to 6 meters (20ft).

The Key sacrifice against the Pro version is the camera system _still lacks the tele of the Apple Pro Series triple In exchange, not only do you get a lower price (even more so if you are prepared to opt for the previous year’s edition in.   the iPhone 12).

8_Nokia XR20  Rugged

Rough and tumble phone without the aggressive looks

The Nokia Brand now is the property of finish firm HMD,

Featuring the latest Gorilla Glass, Victus, the phone is so dependable in a drop onto concrete up to 1.8m that the screen is guaranteed for a year by HMD.In terms of future-proofing, the firm also promises to provide security updates for four years& OS

Update for three a generous proportion compared to many mid-ranking Android devices.

the brand (Now the property of finish firm HMD Global when it comes to phones)looks good on this cleanly designed rugged handset

While side-stepped the excessive masculine touches so many designers equate to durability.

9_Google pixel 6 Pro

The waterproof powerful sensibly priced flagship phone

The pixePixelrice has Attracted a lot of attention which might otherwise have gone Samsung’s way because It Packs more than flagship specifications it brought some unusual design touches to the flagship phone space and done all of that for a markedly lower price than the previously unassailable King of the Android space.

10_iPhone 13 Pro Max

 The best iPhitsAnd it’s Waterproof

The iPhone 13 Pro Max Boasts IP water & dust resistance which is tested to an impressive 6 meter (20ft) submersion for up to 3   0 minutes that’s plenty long enough to fish the phone out if you drop it, while the depths are further than an Olympic diving Pool Apple’s ceramics_coated glass makes the handsets tough too through testing that might affect the aesthetic of that shiny.

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