Do BEST PAKISTANI FAMILY DRAMAS Most Pakistani dramas are family-oriented but the sheer volume of them has been their undoing, Here are our top picks

The sheer volume of these dramas has been their undoing, turning what used to be thoughtful explorations of human relationships into mass-produced, pulp fiction. However creative minds thrive on a challenge and sometimes even the simplest drama can bring something insightful or a fresh perspective because of the hard work of the writer, actors, and directors.

Pakistani dramas are family dramas. There are no bad scenes and not just time passes; these are moral dramas.

The Pakistani drama industry is for Pakistani dramas all over the world, because of the realistic stories and natural acting.

Pakistani directors choose fantastic story writers, and co-actors. These writers choose the topic from the Pakistani real environment and write the story.

A list of a few best  Pakistani famildramasma is here,

  • 1:Maat
  • 2: Doraha
  • 3:Ek Nazar Meri Tarf
  • 4:Choti Si Zindagi
  • 5:Zindagi Dhoop Tum Ghana Saya
  • 6: Mera nausea
  • 7:Main Abdul Qadir Hoon
  • 8:Noor e bazaar
  • 9:Qaid e Tanhai
  • 10:Marasim


Maat is a Pakistani drama serial broadcast on Hum Tv premise On 9 September 2011.

The drama is based on the Urdu novel of the same name by Umra Ahmed. Maat is a Pakistani drof highest. hard tied broadcast television series. The story of the maat drama serial is about two sisters. This Amna  Nawaz Khan directorial may be the drama that started off the now hackneyed story of two sisters, one is good and the second is bad that resurface every season.

Saman is the pretty one but her looks and ability to manipulate the opposite sex have made him selfish and ruthless. Aiman is the responsible kind:and generous, she covers her sister’s faults and is always there for her family. Aiman is engaged to Faisal but he is more interested in flirty vitamins.


This drama stars Humayon Seed, Sonia Rehman, and Sanam Baloch.

Put aside the completely ruthless lack of glamour, sets, or any of the other visual cues that attract us to dramas in this Mehreen Jabbar project, and listen to the story you will be hooked.

For those used to seeing men in dramas move on without a glance back at the life they once had this will be a refreshing reminder that love is not that easy to forget.Once again way to go Umera Ahmad.


Starring Aisha Khan and Syed JIbran,

It’s never a woman’s purpose to change a man but she can support his better impulse. Noor is the well-educated daughter of a professor who ends up marrying Saleem, a less educated man from a middle-class background, who nurses an

 inferiority complex.

Sarwat Nazeer wrote Noor as a strong woman who navigated her life with honors and dignity despite the difficulties her husband’s weak personality presents her with.


Starring Noman Ijaz, Mahnoor Baloch and Babar Ali,

Superficially this is writer Zanjabeel Asims’s story of a young widow, Sila, Whose life is restricted by her mother-in-law following dated customs and Superstitions. Sila cannot forget her husband and often talks to him in her imagination. The surprise in this clever serial is the detailed portrait of infidelity and how unkempt desire can hurt the innocent.

 Is it always right to follow your heart? Hidden in this surprisingly sweet love story is a message about the difference between love and desire.


This drama starring Iqra Aziz Shehzad Sheikh and Nimra Khan

Penned by Sarwat Nazir, this is an old-fashioned story set in the ’70s when early marriages were still common, Urwa marries the childish, sheltered Amina but yearns for his college friend Azra. Will their marriage, survive and what will they learn on this journey that his life,


This drama starring Sami khan, Sanam Baloch, and Fahad Mustafa

Faiza Iftikhar rarely disappoints. What happens when a young woman is suddenly widowed who she turns on?

Depended and taken advantage of, she looks for safe harbor but finds the strength to build resilience and reliance on herself.

The Pakistani environment is a man-dominated environment culture where women hide emotions and spend painful lives.


This drama stars Adeel Hussein, Imran Abbas, Sara Yousaf Saman Saeed, and Imran Aslam.

Samira Fazal’s story of two naive friends bound by a family secret will keep you hooked. Their struggles and eventually triumphs teach us life is never as straightforward as we think about patients and love can conquer all.


This drama serial starring was a big shoutout to Fahad Mustafa for this one

How does sweet shelter Mummy’s boy played by Fahad Mustafa become a colossal resentful womanizer who respects no o? e.                   How does that same man learn enough

Compassion to care for his friends dying of HIV and find a new life as a religious man. Follow AQ’s journey and find out.

The play was written by Sarwat Nazir and directed by Babar Javed:The cast also includes Alishabh Yousaf Faysal Qureshi and Aamina Shaikh in titular roles.


This drama stars Faysal Qureshi Savera Nadeem and Sunita Marshal Neelam Munir among others.

This unforgettable Umera Ahmed story highlights the life of a grass widow Moiz and Ayeshav have married for love so why have they not spoken in ten years?

Moiz left her country to struggle as an illegal immigrant while his sacrifices are acknowledged, and Ayesha’s pain is ignored. While he can seek relief in another marriage his wife’s attempt to find companionship is branded as infidelity. This beautiful story asks if they can forgive each other.


This drama starring Ahsan Khan Soniya Hussein Urwa Hocane, Saba Hamid

One of the Zanjabeel Asim best written and one of the best-acted family dramas I have seen props to director Owais khan.When a mother decides to take revenge for the pain and misery. She suffered as a bride through her children and her family was shattered.

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